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Mother-Daughter Ties Inspire "Ghost Whisperer" Online Video Promoting Home Ownership

CENTURY 21 Larry Miller Realty Agent ANGIE ABRAHAM Impressed Daughter NICHELLE PROTHO with Valuable Service Provided by Professional Realtors

May 12, 2010 (AUGUSTA, GEORGIA) Nichelle Protho began her Early childhood with memories from her Mother. Nichelle was focused and head strong with leadership capabilities. Nichelle, couldn’t wait to get schools supplies so she could write notes and create stories and poems. She would invite friends over to watch puppet shows that she wrote directed and acted. She knew she wanted to be in some faucet of the Film Industry at very young age. She starred in her first TV Show in California and received her first pay check which lead to her being a member of the Children’s Acting Guild when she was about 13 years old. When we attended movie theaters together she would not let us leave until all the credits were shown and everyone would be gone out of the theater and she would say "My Name Will Be Up There On The Screen One Day In The Credits". Always being a multi tasked daughter she would be a member of the Future Business Leaders of America, The Beta Club, Girl Scouts of America, The English Club and tennis, bowling ,soccer and Gymnastics team and also loved to go on trips to snow ski in High School when in Europe. An avid swimmer and jet skier Nichelle stays active and loves her family. In college she was a Member of The National Society of Engineers. She still loves to travel and was baptized in the Catholic Church she understands that "God is driving the car she is just a passenger".

And Nichelle, who is currently the co-executive producer of online content for the hit CBS drama "Ghost Whisperer", still appreciates Angie Abraham’s work ethic and professional service. "My mother and I talk about real estate constantly. I have always enjoyed hearing her war stories about the world of real estate," explains Ms. Protho. On our show "Ghost Whisperer", one of our lead characters---played by Emmy winner Camryn Manheim---is a real estate agent as well, so my mother and I started thinking 2

that it would be great if I produced an online promo about the virtues of home ownership which are evident in the show". And that’s exactly what Nichelle did.

The online video---featuring "Ghost Whisperer" star Jennifer Love Hewitt, Manheim, and other cast members---espouses the "Home is where the heart is" theme and is now available for viewing on Face book, (C21LMR page?), Tumblr, MySpace, Twitter and

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several other Ghost Whisperer Audience Network destinations, as well as at

More about Nichelle Protho

"I lived in Augusta when I was about 1 year old until I was about 5 years old. Then I returned for 2nd grade," recalsl Nichelle. "I attended 2nd grade at Bayvale Elementary, where my grandmother, Constance Quinn, taught." Ms. Protho went to high school at Ramstein American High School in Ramstein, West Germany. She then attended to the University of Southern California and graduated with a degree in Computer Science Engineering, and a minor in Spanish.

Nichelle Protho is COO/CFO/CO-EXECUTIVE PRODUCER of Slam Internet,Inc., where she has developed, and served as a co-executive producer on hundreds of hours of online interactive and narrative content. She also co-executive produced the award winning "Ghost Whisperer: The Other Side" webseries.

As Vice-President of Development for Sander/Moses Productions, Inc. for three years,

Protho helped to shepherd (with CEOs Kim Moses and Ian Sander) the Total Engagement Experience, a new business and creative model for television, which uses the television show as a component of a broader, multi- platform entertainment 4

experience that includes the Internet, publishing, music, mobile, DVD’s, video games and more, establishing an infinity loop---driving ratings and increasing revenue streams.

Protho’s other digital media producing credits include Urban Entertainment’s

"Undercover Brother", for which she developed and produced the webseries that was subsequently produced and distributed by Universal Studios as a live-action feature film. In addition, she produced John Ridley’s sci-fi webseries "Those Who Walk in Darkness"; George Tillman and Bob Tietel’s teen web comedy "I Was A Teen Pop Star" ;and Malcolm Lee’s urban web comedy "My Babies’ Mamas," which were all sold into television syndication.

As Senior Vice-President of Production & Development, Protho’s creation of UE’s

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Online animation production arm, and her tremendous contributions in their feature film sales and distribution division, were the driving force in Urban Entertainment’s ability to attract millions in venture capital funding from Time Warner, BMG and Provender Capital.

Among Nichelle’s feature film producing credits are Ben Ramsey’s "Love & A Bullet," and Archie Gip’s "Loveless in Los Angeles." Protho also developed and produced the multiple award-winning, first Flash-animated theatrical feature film "Golden Blaze". starring Blair Underwood, Michael Clarke Duncan, and Neil Patrick Harris.

Nichelle Protho began her professional career at Hughes Aircraft Space and Communications Division as a software engineer.

In 2002, Ms. Protho founded Chai Bellas, an organization dedicated to the education and cultural enrichment of young disadvantaged girls in Southern California. In her spare time, Nichelle is an avid soccer player.